onsdag den 30. juni 2010

I just bought

Mit seneste køb - Armlet

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  1. My dear, I notice that you wear often this corsage! It looks not very cool on you and it is a size to big or something, moreover it looks like underwear instead of looking cool and urban.

    If you are very into corsage which is a trend for the past few years try to buy maybe D&G in the style like Madonna? I have bought one myself before 3 years and still have it in my closet! It is the most stylist and cool thing I ever bought, although it cost around 4 000 kr, but it is worth to pay! Also, dont forget that it should sit tight on your body!

    P.S I admire your Acne's shorts and love that it is a bit oversized on you. Good luck with your style blog!

  2. im LOVING the corsage ! i've thought about buying it myself!

  3. iih, den er fed !!
    jeg har desværre STORE arme-issue .
    så den fungere desværre ikke for mig :(

  4. thanks for comment !! i follow your blog now ...

    love your jewelry on the arms !! and the corsage, so beautiful DAMN MARK STYLE

    PEACE +